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Der letzte Himmel über Burma

Am Filmset in Kärnten

On Tuesday, 30th September filming started on Carinthia’s Saualpe for the television film “Der letzte Himmel über Burma” produced by DOR Film (in coproduction with ARD Degeto). This film is going to be transmitted in autumn 2015 by the broadcasters ORF and Das Erste!

The 100-minute film tells the story of Inge Eberhard, who came from Bad St. Leonhard in the Lavant Valley. In 1951 as a student in Colorado she met a mining engineering student from Burma, and married him in 1953. It was only when she arrived in his home country that Inge discovered that he was the ruling prince of the Shan State of Hsipaw and she became the Mahadevi (“heavenly princess”) Sao Thusandi. They lived happily until 1962, when her husband was arrested after a military coup and was executed. In 1964 Eberhard managed to flee with her daughters Mayari and Kennari.

Inge Eberhard, by now married to the American Ted Sargent, told her life story in the autobiographical novel “Twilight over Burma“, which is now being filmed for television after so many years.

The main role of the Sao Thusandi is taken by the German actress Maria Ehrich (who has appeared amongst others in “Das Adlon” and “Rubinrot”), and Daweerit Chullasapy plays the role of the young prince Sao Kya Seng. The Austrian actor Simon Schwarz (“Vorstadtweiber”) who is well-known from films such as “Braunschlag” and “Silentium” is also set to play a supporting role, while other parts will be played by Pauline Knof, Regina Fritsch, Cornelia Gröschel and Fanny Krausz. Sabine Derflinger is the director, with the script being written by the native of Klagenfurt Rupert Henning, who has already penned the scripts for “Vier Frauen und ein Todesfall” and “Nordwand”.

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