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Financing in Austria

Austrian Film Institute

The Austrian Film Institute is the Austrian funding institution at national level on the basis of the Film Funding Act [Filmförderungsgesetz].

The budget of the Austrian Film Institute provides for funding for the following areas:

  • Project-related film funding (a film project’s suitability for funding is assessed by the selection committee)
  • Success-related film funding (reference film funding; the success of the reference film is assessed according to artistic and/or economic parameters)
  • Funding for young filmmakers

The aim of the film funding is to support the production, distribution and exploitation of Austrian films that are suitable for achieving corresponding acceptance by the public and/or international recognition, and thus of increasing the profitability and quality of Austrian filmmaking.

Funding is provided in particular for:

  • the development of material and projects
  • the production of Austrian films produced by Austrian filmmakers on their own responsibility, and joint Austrian-foreign productions
  • the exploitation
  • the continuing professional development of persons who are active artistically, technically or commercially in the film industry
  • projects for the structural improvement of the Austrian film industry

Joint Austrian-foreign productions are eligible for funding when the Austrian partner fulfils the funding requirements and the project corresponds to the provisions of an intergovernmental film agreement in this respect. If no such agreement is in place, the Austrian financial, artistic and technical involvement must amount to at least 30 percent. The Film Institute is able to accept a lower level of involvement in justified exceptional cases. For joint productions, the Film Institute will fund only the Austrian portion after reviewing the entire project.

Austrian Film Institute
Roland Teichmann, Director
Spittelberggasse 3
A-1070 Wien
T: (+43) (0)1 526 97 30
F: (+43) (0)1 526 9730-440
E: office@filminstitut.at


FISA – Film Location Austria

The financial incentive model supports Austrian cinema feature films and documentary films that are suitable for funding, as well as international-Austrian co-productions, with a non-repayable grant.

After the guidelines had been notified by the European Commission, Federal Minister of Economy Reinhold Mitterlehner gave the go-ahead for the fund in 2010. By the end of 2012 the Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth had made a total of € 20 million available for this purpose. The FISA funding model was extended to the end of 2014 because of its great success. A further € 7.5 million becomes available every year.

Conditions for applying for a grant:

  • Natural or legal persons/companies with their place of business or a branch office in Austria are eligible to apply
  • Minimum level for the Austrian production costs: 20 percent of the total production costs, or in accordance with the intergovernmental film agreement; exceptions in justified individual cases
  • Completion of a cultural eligibility test (cultural, creative, production technology criteria)
  • Minimum budget: € 1 million for feature films, € 200,000 for documentary films
  • Screening time: at least 79 minutes for feature or documentary films, 59 minutes for children’s films
  • Funding level: maximum 25% of the Austrian production costs that are eligible for funding (maximum 15% of the resources available annually)
  • The funding can be cumulative with support from other funding institutions

The funding model is implemented by aws www.awsg.at/Content.Node/ and
Location Austria www.locationaustria.at/de/ , a department of the ABA aba.gv.at/DE/Home/ABA-Invest+in+Austria.aspx .

Location Austria
Arie Bohrer, Julia Schmölz
Hanuschgasse 3
A-1010 Wien
T: (+43) (0)1 588 58 33
E: fisa@location-austria.at

bm:ukk Department FILMKUNST

The Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture (bm:ukk) supports film artists in the areas of feature, documentary and animated films, as well as the talents of the young generation of Austrian filmmakers in the development of their own subjective film language.

Submissions for scripts, project development and production should be received in 6 copies by 31 January, 31 May and 30 September at the latest. Detailed information is available at: www.bmukk.gv.at/kunst/sektion/abt3.xml

Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture
Department V/3 Film
Concordiaplatz 2
A-1014 Wien
T: (+43) (0)1 53120-6885
E: if@bmukk.gv.at


Film/Television Agreement

The Film/Television Agreement between the Austrian Film Institute and the ORF on the joint funding of Austrian films has been in place since 1981. Support is given to projects which have already been approved for funding by the Film Institute or, in the case of funding for the young generation of filmmakers and innovation, by another institution providing film funding.

To implement the agreement, ORF provided € 8 million (US$ 10.59 m) annually until 2013, which was awarded by a joint commission. Around 10% of the annual funding is intended for funding young generation and innovation projects.



Fernsehfonds Austria [Austrian Television Fund]

RTR-GmbH administers the Austrian Television Fund and receives € 13.5 million a year for this from a portion of the fees collected to provide funding for the creation of television productions in accordance with Section 3 (1) of the Austrian Broadcasting Fees Act [Rundfunkgebührengesetz].

Funding is provided for the production of television films, television series and documentaries with a minimum length of 23 minutes. Application is open to independent producers or production companies with the appropriate professional qualifications. A requirement is that one or more television broadcasters must be involved to the tune of at least 30% of the total production costs. Television broadcasters are permitted to acquire the rights to television films and documentaries for a maximum of seven years, and to series for a maximum of ten years.

The maximum level of funding is 20% of the reasonable total production costs, in exceptional cases up to 30%. The maximum funding limits on an individual case basis for television series are € 120,000 per episode, for television films € 700,000 and for TV documentaries € 200,000. The expenses undertaken in Austria should correspond to at least 1.5 times the funding amount granted, and must not be less than this funding amount. Projects with high expenditure in Austria and projects with a high foreign financing element can be taken into account in particular. Funding is awarded in the form of non-repayable subsidies. The funding can be cumulative with other funding resources, for example from provincial governments or foreign funding bodies, but not with funding from the Austrian national government.

Four submission deadlines are provided for each year. Decisions on funding are made by the CEO of RTR-GmbH, taking account of the funding objectives and the opinion of the Review Board.

Fernsehfonds Austria
Alfred Grinschgl, Geschäftsführung
Mariahilfer Straße 77-79
A-1060 Wien
T: +43 (0)1 58058-0
E: fernsehfonds@rtr.at

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