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Film and TV projects with international use and significance for tourism can receive promotional funding.

Areas of funding

  • Project development
  • Production
  • Use

Please note:
All documents and forms must be submitted in ELECTRONIC FORM, as well as BY POST, in triplicate! We would be pleased to make an appointment to discuss the personal outline of your project, as well as to exchange information relating to it. For first-time applicants, we recommend that you telephone to arrange a meeting at which we can give you more information.

If you have any questions, please contact us: 

Tel.: +43 (0) 463 / 3000-32

Funding recommendation
Following the detailed examination and assessment of all submitted documents, the expert advisory board will make a funding recommendation.

Application deadlines
20. February 2019
10. October 2019 

Funding for small film projects of a high artistic standard as well as next-generation film projects can be applied for through Department 6 UA Art and Culture.

The evaluation criteria are:

  • Portrayal of Carinthian cultural history e.g. society, language, religion, customs, art, science
  • Taking account of provincial and/or regional content
  • Portrayal of Carinthian cultural assets
  • Consideration of the specific regional way of life (e.g. traditions, dialect, culinary elements, crafts, leisure activities)
  • Consideration of the varied Carinthian cultural landscape (e.g. valleys, Mountains, lakes)
  • Conveying contemporary positions on art in the province of Carinthia (all forms of art will be considered)
  • Contribution to strengthening a contemporary and internationally oriented Carinthian film culture
  • Creation of new program content that has Carinthia as its subject
  • Focus on the theme of the special location in the Alps-Adriatic region in the field of tensions between three cultures
  • Crossborder networking with other areas of Carinthian and international artistic and cultural activity
  • The material submitted or the plot is based on the literary model of a Carinthian author
  • The material submitted or the plot deals with Carinthian topics that are of current social, cultural and/or religious relevance
  • Treatment of scientific themes with a provincial and/or regional connection, taking account of the linguistic and cultural variety of the province
  • Connection to the cultural heritage of Carinthia, and especially its film culture heritage
  • Consideration of the correct topographical names (the names of the Carinthian filming locations are shown or stated using their real names)
  • Consideration of and portraying the specific European cultural variety


A project’s suitability for funding will be measured by how many of these criteria are fulfilled and to what extent


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