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The Carinthia Film Commission (CFC in brief) is a joint project between the province of Carinthia and Kärnten Werbung with the aim of giving visibility to the stunning landscape of Carinthia and the cultural variety of the region in national and international film and cinema productions, and strengthening Carinthia as a film location. 

In order to familiarise filmmakers with Carinthia as a location for filming, the Carinthia Film Commission team offer the following services free of charge:

Location Service (places of encounter):

Carinthia offers an impressive film region, with more than 1,000 crystal-clear lakes and a gentle, fascinating mountain world on the sunny southern side of the Alps. The southern flair and uniqueness of the Alps-Adriatic region, at the fascinating intersection of three cultures, are visible in the culture and architecture.

In our Location Archiv you will find a huge selection of locations presented to you so as to help you find a suitable film location. The archive offers general information, extensive picture material and contact details for the respective locations. This database is continuously updated and extended to include newly-researched locations.

Naturally CFC can also provide you with professional Location Scouts (chargeable). Our scouts possess excellent local knowledge and maintain particularly close contact with the local population. They also have a good knowledge of foreign languages from living in the Alps-Adriatic region. The trained scouts are naturally highly familiar with official procedures and local filming permits.

Supplier Service (service providers):

Under the heading “Service Providers” you will find a sector database with all the well-known companies and persons that can provide you with specialist and professional support for your production.

Film Funding:

The Carinthia Film Commission has been instructed to provide film funding on behalf of the province of Carinthia, and is available to filmmakers as an advisory organisation.

Funding can be obtained for project development, production and exploitation.

Selected projects that meet the CFC guidelines and involve a cultural connection with Carinthia receive an adequate subsidy towards the production costs.

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